Monday, 23 July 2007

Lolz To Tha Holz

I've just got back from two weeks in France [and am soon to go away again to Germany for two more], during which much has happened in the movie world.
Potter fever has reached boiling point, with the release of the Order of the Phoenix movie [which I will hopefully see this week and review for you] and the 7th and final book, the Deathly Hallows, all within just over one week.
The film has recieved overall positive, but mixed reviews. Once again "darker" and "edgier" [words which have become immensely overused when describing the latter books/films in the series], it's one of my least favourite books. It's the one where Harry becomes, basically, a bit of a dick. He never ceases yelling or shouting, and it's purpose is mainly to set up the last two books, despite it ridiculous length.

There are, however, many bits which I am looking forward to seeing in the film, such as the climatic battle at the end, and the dementor attack in Privet Drive. It looks, from the trailers, like it could be the best film yet, an opinion which quite a few reviews have already expressed.

Talking of reviews, I have a new ratings system. Films, as well as being given an overall rating, will be marked through "genre value" [i.e. is a comedy funny, is a horror scary, is an action film exciting? No thought towards if it is well made, if it is trashy, if it's high class etc. aka Does the film serve its purpose?], "entertainment value" [a mark purely for how entertaining a film is, be it trashy, high class etc] and "style" [is it well directed? Has it been well thought out? is it classy?]. I am in the process of adding the new ratings to the old reviews, and all future reviews will take this form.

Released this week are the Blockbuster juggernauts Transformers and the very long awaited Simpsons Movie, and anticipation is getting higher and higher. I hope to see at least one before I go to Germany on Monday. If I do, I'll be sure to review. There are lots of Transformers reviews on the internet, as it is already on release in America, and I have read one review of the Simpsons Movie, which can be found on Transformers looks amazing, with serious talent on display - action king Michael Bay directing, movie king Steven Spielberg executive producing, and Even Steven's star Shia LaBoeuf in the leading role. Preview screenings and reviews seem positive so far, but most of us will have to wait until Friday to see it for ourselves.

Anyway, that's all for today folks!
Stay Tuned.

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