Thursday, 7 June 2007


This is my first proper rant on the blog, but I'm just getting so fed up. Dreamworks have announced that there will be a fourth Shrek movie released in 2010, and a fifth in 2013. Yes, I did say fifth. This has made me so angry - the first Shrek was brilliantly satirical of Disney, and was perfect for literally all ages. The sequel was very entertaining, very funny, and focused more on general movie spoofs instead of just Disney. The third - in my opinion - looks a bit poor. They've taken a great idea and run with it. But runners can lose steam very easily. It now seems that they're just going through the motions - I can even imagine the boardroom meeting now:

"OK, so Shrek was great - and made a heap of cash. Lets make more!"
"But, how many should we make?"
"Well, families like it... hmmm... 3?"
"3?! Is that it? I was thinking 5..."
"OK, so 5 Shrek movies - whats gonna happen in them?"
" 1 - Shrek meets Fiona"
"So far so good"
"2 - Shrek marries Fiona"
"Yeah, that's the way sequels usually go..."
"3 - Shrek has babies with Fiona"
"So far so HILARIOUS"
"4 - Shrek is a grandad"
"Dude, that's freakin' AWESOME! Nothing could be more hilarious. What about 5?"
"I'm kinda running out of ideas here... I GOT IT. PREQUEL."

"Genius - total genius!"

It makes me so angry that they're cashing in on the success - but, hey that's the way business goes. The thing is, I swear movies were supposed to be mainly for entertainment. Slapping out sequel after sequel means that the magic of the original is lost. Many people this year have complained that all the "part threes" have been big disappointments - what are parts 4, 5 and 6 going to be like?
Sony have announced three more Spider-Man films, they hinted towards a fourth Pirates film at the end of At World's End, and doubtless there'll be Transformers sequels. It's just being taken too far. There's not enough originality in film making anymore. Three cheers for QT and Robert Rodriguez, trying something different with Grindhouse - of course the Americans all went to see other films instead. Well, I hope you're happy. Now the UK won't get to see Grindhouse in its full 3-hour trashy glory. Here's to originality, and the oh-so clever public.


motherfuckin jay said...

lol i no its fuckin ridiculous! bit late though ain it? they announced they were makin 5 after the first

Anonymous said...

That's waaaaay too far it's the stupidest thing i've ever heard it's like pirates of the carribean they went too far and the 3rd turned out to be crap had no story line, they should be shot LOL