Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Welcome Arrival

A surprise hit in America at the moment is the new Judd Apatow [40 Year Old Virgin] film Knocked Up - a comedy about a lowly slacker who impregnates a woman out of his league during a drunken one night stand. The film was fantastically reviewed, and on Rotten Tomatoes is currently not only the top rated comedy but the top rated film of the year so far. Knocked Up has been hailed by some critics as an instant comedy classic, and is said to be a lot more laugh-out-loud funny in comparison to the 40 Year Old Virgin's more refined sense of humour.
The film will be *ahem* due for release [terrible pun intended] in the UK on 24th of August. Expect it to be the summer's biggest comedy hit [depending on what Evan Almighty, reportedly the most expensive comedy ever made, is like].

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