Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The "Definitely Not Fantastic, But Better Than The First" Four...

Friday sees the release of Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, which I'm sure we're all hoping will be much better than the first. With character introductions firmly out of the way, now it's time for some ACTION. Some reviews are out now - Empire Online, Total Film and BBC Movies all have them up - and the reactions are reasonbly positive. 3 star ratings seem to sum up the film, which promises fans the Silver Surfer and planet-munching Galactus.

In other news, gore fans will be happy that some of the most hyped horror/thrillers of the year have been rated as 18. Hostel: Part Two surely can't be much worse than the first, which was a pointless exercise in providing gore, dark "humour" and unjustified amounts of T'n'A. Face it - there was no story, and it wasn't the "sick f*cked up movie" that Roth claimed it would be. Tarantino's Death Proof has also been [unsurprisingly] given an 18 certificate. It seems that the only positive for Grindhouse being split [grrrrr...] is that Death Proof has been extended - everyone has said that they think it's a better film for it. Finally, Captivity, who have had posters banned in America for being so disturbing has also been given an 18 for "strong violence, torture and grisly images". Sounds lovely.

That's today's update - keep coming back for more!

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